Currently This Weekend

This weekend was cold AF. Yup. I said AF as if I’m young enough to use it in the appropriate context ­čśé┬áFriday the kids had a PA Day (no school) so as a good parent I took the day off work and dragged the kids to the doctor’s, the dentist, shopping to do errands, and then to my Nonna’s residence for a visit.

The dentist was a better experience than I thought. Tyler had no cavities, and apparently his dental age is older than his actual age. Who knew that was a thing?! But what I was even more happy about…no concerns about orthodontics needed (woowoot). My daughter on the other hand, small cavity in her back molar. Womp womp.

Nonna’s residence was a hit, we met a few of her friends who are actually from her village in Italy…what a small world! Here she is with the kids and my dad, living it up, making our own Scrabble rules.

Saturday was spent being a referee all morning (not enough coffee in the dang world) until it was time to send Adrianna off to a play date and then off to the rink for Tyler’s hockey practice. Are you even a parent if you’re not embarrassing your kid in public? Asking for a friend.


After hockey, it was over to the gym to pick up Adrianna from gymnastics. I have no pictures of this. But here, take a look at this super yummy recipe I’ll be trying this week in my Instant Pot:


I found the recipe on…can’t wait to try it.

Tomorrow’s adventures include more hockey and a thrilling day of laundry and cleaning (HELP!!!).

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

Currently Crushing On…Wednesday Edition

A few things I’m a bit squirrely about this weekend…in no particular order…

This hilarious comedy clip from Steve Trevino…full disclosure: usually it’s my husband hiding Amazon packages from me! ha ha

I’m seriously loving this outfit I found on Pinterest…but let’s be real…I’d never wear it because it’s just too “put together” for me. I’ll just admire it from afar…


I’m thinking I’m going to have to add this amazing mug to my coffee mug collection. I feel like mugs are like shoes and lipstick. You don’t always need that new pair or that new colour. But you just can’t live without it and if anyone tries to stop me from buying it…well let’s just say it won’t be pretty.

F-Bomb Mom I Sprinkle That Sh*t Like Confetti Mug

Also…I’m not going to lie, this is my new favourite wine: Wayne Gretzky Cabernet Merlot VQA

Image result for Wayne Gretzky Cabernet Merlot


What have you been crushing on this week?


End of Summer Camping Trip

Last week marked the first week of school, and to celebrate surviving the new routine, we took the kids on a surprise camping getaway with our friends! HA just kidding, we needed to get our trailer ready for storage over the winter, so we booked a weekend getaway to clean it out and flush out the tanks lol

BUT we told the kids the camping trip was to celebrate their first week back at school…because you know…all good parents lie to their kids right?!

It was a crazy busy week (I forgot how much I hate making school lunches) so by Friday I was so ready to blow off steam. With visions of smores, and day drinking (kidding), we packed up the trailer and set off on our two-day, end of season camping trip after everyone was home from work and school on Friday evening.

With the help with our besties (who also have two kids who are besties with our two kids), we chose a new-to-us campground not too far from home – it technically was only 60 minutes away, however, because of rush hour traffic it took us an extra half an hour to get there.

Thanks to our hybrid trailer (a┬á2018 Sportsmen Classic – Ultra Lightweight 160 RBT) we were able to set up in record time (no more painful pop-up trailer set up for us) which meant more time for park playing and roasting marshmallows later that evening. It was cold out, but we made do with our comfy blankets and hot chocolate by the fire.

Saturday was an excellent day for exploring, we walk around the whole campground, taking a look at all the beautiful seasonal sites and cottages, the kids ran between the splash pad and park all day long, and we got to unwind and share lots of laughs.

We loved the location of the campground, and we’ll be back next year when we can take advantage of swimming in the lake and their heated pools.