5 Months to 2020: Mid-Year Goal Revision

Remember when I tried fasting for weight loss? For a long time, I was a die-hard 5:2’er (where you “fast” by eating only 5oo calories in a day, twice a week). And it worked when I was trying to lose the baby weight I gained from my second pregnancy. But now 7 years later, the kids are older, life is busier (soccer games, hockey practice and games, swimming lessons, dance lessons, etc.), I’m frickin older, and I just can’t function on only 5oo calories a day (even if it IS only twice a week). I was hangry all the dang time. And with being too busy to plan out meals for the 500 calorie fasting days, I was literally a walking disaster. And don’t get me started on Weight Watchers…or WW as it’s now called. I can’t even with that plan.

So let’s fast forward to this past January. After our crazy vacation (cruise infected with norovirus) I vowed to get back on the weight loss wagon. I found a new way of intermittent fasting (the 16:8 way) and was all gung ho. I lost 13 pounds in about 2 months – which is HUGE for me. But like every other time I’ve tried to lose weight over the past 7 years, life happens and I got derailed.

What derailed me this time? Well, I had a 5 day work conference where we were working 12 hours a day, eating restaurant and conference banquet food, I wasn’t in control of my calorie intake, and had no time or energy to hit the gym to create a deficit. I’m not sure why that trip wiped me out so hard, and why it has been so hard to get the motivation back. But now it’s July, and I’ve basically put back all 13 of those hard lost pounds. I’m back up to my heaviest ever weight. Seriously … last time I weighed this much, I was growing a human inside my fricken uterus. Just sayin’ … at least I had a good excuse. Now, at 38, the only one to blame for this epic gain is me. I’m the one who sits at a desk job all day and snacks all night and eats out almost daily. I am the one who doesn’t exercise or move my body to try and make a change. I am done. Which is a good place to be because it has ignited a thirst for change. There’s still a chance to lose most of these 30 pounds before the end of the year (I am sure I can get close to my goal – or even meet it – in 5 months).

So today is day 1  (again) of my weight loss journey. By putting it out here on the blog, I am making it official, making it public…making myself accountable. It’s scary as hell, and I really didn’t want to be a weight loss blogger, but I guess it’s what I need. To be thrown into the midst of something terrifying to make me stick to this plan. Kind of like those kids in Scared Straight (kidding…but am I really? You’ll never know….).

Here’s how I’m tackling this weight loss:

  • Overall Main Goal: 30 pounds gonzo for goooooood
  • How: Calorie restriction and intermittent fasting (16:8 method to start)
  • Mini Goal 1: 30 days of tracking my food intake (July 8 to August 6)
  • Mini Goal 2: 30 days of intermittent fasting (July 8 to August 6)

Did you set any goals or intentions for 2019? Leave them in the comments below.

Long Weekends and Camping

It’s been a long time coming. The winter months were long and harsh, leaving us with dreams of warm weather and fun in the sun. I have to admit, I skipped right over spring, wishing summer would just hurry the hell up and get here!

It’s been raining for about a week now, and with a Canadian long weekend fast approaching, I’ve been a little glued to The Weather Network to make sure it won’t rain while we’re away.

I know what you’re thinking. If I camp, then don’t I like the outdoors? And if I like the outdoors, surely a little rain won’t hurt right?


I’m not a die hard outdoorsy kind of girl. I mean, in high school, I didn’t even a pair of running shoes. Or flip-flops. I was a high heeled (actually more like platform) wearing little Gina-Bambina, who always had her hair did and makeup done. This phase lasted until I had kids about 9 years ago. I’ve mellowed a bit since then (hence the camping) but I’m not going to lie, I still can’t do cold and rain while living out of small space.  One day. Two days. Maybe three. But after that I’m cranky as shit. Also, just to clarify, I don’t do tents either. We have a hybrid trailer and if you tell me “that’s not really camping” I will punch you in the teeth.

K. Now that we’ve got that out of the way. Back to the weather and our weekend plans.

So planning for said camping trip is always fun. I keep the meal plan simple: cereal, toast, bagels, pancake and eggs (breakfast), charcuterie style lunches, and hot dogs, burgers, chicken, and steak for dinners; and I bring lot’s of snacks I know the kids will devour.

Because this is our first time using the trailer since last summer, we already did our pre-trip test (making sure the water, heater, propane etc. all work) and now we’re all set to start loading it up with our clothing, towels etc. (food will be loaded the day we leave).

On this dreary Monday, I’m really really hoping to see some sun so we can enjoy the weekend.

What are your long weekend plans? Do you camp? Tell me where you love to go in the comments below.

{Weekend Recap #1} Celebrations Galore

This weekend was probably one of the best I’ve had in a while. Although hubby had to work, he made sure to make both my birthday and Mother’s Day special.

Saturday morning I was surprised with homemade cards and presents from the kids, and breakfast at the best local all-day breakfast place (the avocado toast is seriously amazing there).

While we had the usual Saturday stuff to do (dance class, errands etc.) the day was nice and relaxing and in the evening, I got to spend time with my kids, niece, brother and sister-in-law. The best part was the surprise chocolate caramel cheesecake (wish I had a picture of that!).

Mother’s Day – I wasn’t expecting anything. With hubby on the night shift, I figured my birthday and Mother’s Day celebration was the day before, but I woke up to a wonderful surprise: coffee and fresh donuts!

Later in the morning, my mom met myself and the kids for some hang out time. We watched my son play ball hockey (they won 4-2!!) and then went out for lunch followed by a trip to the mall for some shopping. I was surprised the kids lasted, especially since I was trying on clothes at Old Navy (I love a good mega sale). Mom gifted me three new summer dresses…I have never liked dresses but I have to say, Mom always knows best and these were so cute and flattering. I think I might be able to ditch my jeans this summer! I’m sure everyone will love to see that!

How was your weekend?

A surprise gift from my neighbours and camping buddies!